srnileys: I really want to move down to Melbourne and I read you used to go to QCA so I'm assuming you lived in Brisbane! How different do you find it? Do you like it better? What sort if challenges did you run into esp. as an artist? Feel free to take a while to respond but is love to hear from you!


i got a question like this a little while ago and forgot to answer it - if it was you i’m very sorry! sometimes when i get questions i intend to sit down and answer them properly and then never get around to it

Brisbane and Melbourne are 2 entirely different places.

In regards to the city itself i like melbourne a lot better (there is more variety in places to go, more nice gardens and there always seems to be something worthwhile happening) but thats more to do with the way the city is laid out more than anything (in my experience the only places i really frequented in brisbane were the city, valley and west end, whereas in melbourne things are SPREAD OUT across a larger area instead of being crammed into 3 suburbs)

However despite this it must be said that brisbane will always be a home. And admittedly around the time i decided to move is the same time that i had started to burn too many bridges and lose too many friends - for me it was just as much about making a new start as it was about getting away from a place that had too many bad memories of lost loves and lost friends.

in regards to art, i haven’t had any challenges here in melbourne. Brisbane is home to my favourite artists in the whole world (mel stringer, benjamin constantine and sam mckenzie to name a few) but there are a lot of opportunities in melbourne that i would not have been given were it not for being here in this city now.
There’s a real sense of camaraderie and support amongst artists here (in particular i am thankful for my friends suzy, julia and aaron for welcoming me into their hearts) but thats relevant in brisbane as well to be honest

What i will say with authority and absolute certainty however that QCAs fine arts program is a sick joke, and the course i am doing now at RMIT is a lot more fulfilling and challenging, and i feel like my time at QCA was an extreme waste of time.

the worst part about leaving brisbane was missing all my friends, and accepting that i am not going to make as strong friends here (i don’t find it easy to make friends, and i don’t think i will every find people i love more then the ones i have in brisbane) and learning to rely on myself a bit more. i’m very lucky that one of my best friends and boyfriend live in this city already and don’t think i would have been able to move were it not for that.

hope this was helpful! holla at your girl if you have any follow up questions


x waking late and feeling lost and panicked, taking too long to get dressed, feeling uncertain 

x seeing people who made me feel calm and happy

x red lipstick and glitter - makeup doesnt need to be scary

x taking a long time to do things, needing to go slowly

x sudden anxious hearts for no reason

x overwhelmed. pushing deadlines out of my mind

x trapped in my room.